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LucidTalk NI-Wide Opinion Panel - Invitation to Join
NB IF YOU ARE ALREADY A MEMBER (ie you receive email invitations to participate in our polls) - YOU DON'T NEED TO RE-REGISTER AGAIN HERE

LucidTalk's Northern Ireland (NI) Opinion Panel has over 10,000 members, who are regularly invited to take part in our NI representative Polls and Surveys, Focus Groups, and Events. This is to assist our projects, and to obtain views & opinions on a whole range issues e.g. politics, business, consumer, health etc.

We are constantly updating and renewing our NI-Wide Opinion Poll-Panel with new members, who we invite to take part in our research projects, and we're pleased you're considering joining our NI representative Opinion Panel. NB you'll only receive a poll-survey/focus group invitation, on average, every 1-2 months at most. 

Plus, if you join our Market Research Opinion Panel and take part in some/all of LucidTalk's future Market Research projects then you will earn 'LT points' which can be used for entry into our bi-annual prize draws.

To join our Opinion Panel we do need to know a little about you! - so please take a few moments to answer the following questions.

NB All information is treated as confidential and recorded in compliance with the UK and Ireland Data Protection regulations, and will not be passed onto any other party. As per Market Research Standards best practice, if you have been invited to take part via email, your email and other demographic details are stored separately on our systems, and can't be individually linked to your specific survey-poll answers, and/or any results or data recorded via any poll-survey or market research project.    

You must be over 18 years of age.

To start off - Would you please tell us your GENDER? NB Market research standards define gender as what is/was specified on your birth certificate. Your own definition of your gender since then (if different) does not apply ie for market research purposes.   *


AGE-GROUP: Would you now tell us what age-group you fit-in to? ie 18-24, 25-44, 45-64, 65+ years. *


HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR OCCUPATION? (just an approximate view will do):
A - Managing Director/Senior-Middle Manager/Doctor/Lawyer, B - Junior Manager/Teacher/Small business owner, C - Clerk/Tradesman/Driver/Labourer, D - Unemployed/On Benefits, E - Retired/Housewife/Househusband, F - Student/In Full-Time Education/Training.  *


COMMUNITY: What community group do you belong to, or were brought up in? NB It's your choice how you determine your community ie whether it's what you are now, or how you were brought up (ie if different).  *


POLITICSIn a broad approximate way how would you describe your politics in the context of Northern Ireland? *


NATIONALITY: What Nationality are you, or what national group do you consider yourself belonging to? NB Market research standards specify that no more than two nationalities, and/or sub-nationalities, can be grouped eg 'British and Northern Irish', but NOT 'British, Irish, and Northern Irish'.  *


RESIDENCE AREA: What area of Northern Ireland, Ireland, Great Britain, or elsewhere, do you currently reside? - In NI, this is in terms of the current political constituencies. *


EMAIL: Thank you for completing the above questions - Now we need to know how to get back to you in order to be able to invite you to take part in our polls and surveys. As such, please provide your email address: *